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IB Mathematics
Golden Rules
History of Calculus
The Excel Code
Golden Rules
The Statistical Code
Advice for IB exams

Math is a religion. You must have faith in it.


Here we're going to play with something you wouldn't expect to find in math: faith. Is math an invention or a discovery?

Do these "rules" exist naturally, or were they deduced based on numerous numerical coincidences?

"Imaginary numbers"

Aren't all numbers imaginary? Why do we have numbers that don't exist, then use them to solve problems? The concept is strange at best. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I'm referring to the term "i"

Strange, no?

Now, on to the really helpful stuff.

Unit Circle

Hey kids, a unit circle!

Now you don't have to memorize the difference between the sine of pi/6 and the cosine of pi/3. You can also download this unit circle in the downloads section


What's this? can't's...a table of derivatives!


But what would derivatives be without...


A table of integrals! wow, that's really neat. Now I can do all my math homework without, um, looking at the resources the teacher gave me. Thanks, IB Math!