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How to use Microsoft Excel.

Welcome to the exciting realm of Microsoft Excel. There are many advantages to using Excel to help you with your journey to explore the fascinating world of Mathematics SL. What's even more interesting is that this tutorial will pwn other tutorials you might encounter in the future involving Excel.

My name is Professor Gary U. O'Fae. I have a PhD in Excelology and have been instructing Excel challenged people on the basics of using Microsoft Excel. It's a wonderful tool ready at your fingertips only if your computer offers it. Otherwise, sucks to be you. Now let us begin our tutorial. But first, a story.

20 years ago, I was on a journey in Egypt where I discovered a lost ancient tomb. It belongs to the King of Thieves whom I must not type his name or a curse will fall upon all those who just read this text. Anyways, it seemed that the King of Thieves was trialed and condemned to death by mummification because he stole a piece of the Holy Scripture from the royal palace. This scripture supposedly contained the secrets to mathematics that was sent from the Egyptian Gods. The King of Thieves hid away the truth in an Egyptian spreadsheet similar to our own excel spreadsheet. However, he ingeniously hid away the message using numbers! This is where I will need your assistance. I will instruct you to solve the mystery for me. If you hadn’t guessed it yet, I will be too busy to teach you while you're solving the mystery.

Now onto the exciting part of your journey, the excel tutorial.

An excel spreadsheet is the infinite table of horizontal columns and vertical rows. Each column is labeled with a letter and each row is associated with a number from 1 to possibly infinity. One cell is the joint of a column and a row.

Each cell can have a word, phrase, symbol or numerical value. You are the one who will be entering these inputs. However, only numerical inputs can lead to numerical output in the form of a function.

To enter a word/phrase label, simply type in what you desire into the cell then hit the "enter" key to confirm. To delete, use your mouse to select the desired cell and hit the "delete" key to eliminate a cell.

Now I've mentioned the function. A function is a simply an equation that requires numerical value to generate a desire value. To begin a function uses this command stroke:


This means, the function will always begin with an equal sign, open parentheses then enter your function and always close any parentheses that you opened before.

Awesome, you are done with the tutorial. Now to embark on our true journey, solve the greatest mystery about the divine mathematics.

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